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They were talking not too far from me so I could hear most of their conversation

He had just suffered a deep personal tragedy. At height of the whole thing, he had gotten so many people to pray. He had even gotten a well-known pastor to pitch in – surely God must answer this man’s prayer

Well, it seemed like everything was going to work out. And then the unseen hand of fate played a curveball that threw the whole story to an inglorious end. Or so it seemed.

But tragedy had struck and he was not the better for it.

It looks like he had really gotten the short end of the stick. He was trying to make sense out of everything and he had come to some conclusions.

The reason for his recent tragedy was because someone he knew had it in for him. He was sure the person was behind the tragedy. He went further to support his thesis and develop a prognosis for future action – it’s time to take the battle back to the person.

I felt sad for him. I could understand the emotional trauma he was going through. Having a person to focus his loss at was a good outlet of emotion. But could he be missing the punch?

No matter how well we think we know about everything, I don’t think we will always get the answers we want from life. And we don’t have to create answers to fit our narrative

Bad things happen sometimes because bad things happen. It’s not always spiritual.
Sometimes it’s just because we live in a fallen world. No one is to blame. It’s just the world we got from our granddaddy & mummy – Adam and Eve.

Sometimes no one is behind bad things happening and neither is that you flunked the exam of life.

But I also know that bad things happen as a judgment of God or as an attack of the enemy. But I think we often give too much credit to the enemy by claiming he did what he didn’t do. And by the enemy, I am not talking about a human being. I’m talking the devil.

bad things

When bad things happen, we sometimes want answers. But God makes it difficult for us by not giving us any or giving us the one we don’t like.

Job asked God why. God answered him but didn’t tell him why? He simply just gave him a picture of how big and in control He is. For some strange reason, Job told God he was satisfied with God’s answers.

They were not answers to the questions he asked but answers that made more sense to God more than it made sense to Job when he first heard them. And they eventually made sense to Job because he was able to get up and pray for his buddies who told him he didn’t have the right to ask God questions

Bad things happen and nobody is behind it. God didn’t give that power over Christians to anybody in the world. To give that power to anybody is to say God lied when Jesus said He was not going to lose anyone

John 6:39

When bad things happen, we can ask for answers. But what we really need is comfort.

God may not always give us the answers we want but He will give us the comfort we need if we pause for a moment from only wanting the answers we are asking for.

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