Thanksgiving and not “Why not me”1 min read

Thanksgiving and not

I thought this was something I had overcome. After years of been a christian, you make assumptions on the things that can get at you.

A colleague got something that I really wanted ahead of me. I applied for it before he did and by the natural order of things, I should get it before him.

I know I’m still getting it. But my first response to him getting it ahead of me was “why not me?”

It may be a natural human response but it is not a christian response. I was reminded that I need to be thankful for him – even if he got it ahead of me.

So, I thank God for him that he got it.

Thanksgiving and not "Why not me"

Getting it first is not always the sign that I’m one of God’s kids. Responding to all things with a Christ heart is a more sure sign of this

I am still getting it so I wonder why the fuss in my mind.

Maybe because of the many years of hearing preachers say “getting things first is a sign of been special to God” has sowed the small seed of silent resentment at the success of my neighbour

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